Stop Paying Weedmaps To Compete Against You

Stop Paying Weedmaps To Compete Against You

Weedmaps recently raised their fees to be able to cover their Google Ads spend (amongst other expenses).
Why should dispensary owners pay Weedmaps to divert traffic from their site?
Did your Weedmaps fees just dramatically increase?

If you're a dispensary owner that's upset by the spike in Weedmaps fees you need to read this

With the burgeoning cannabis industry, dispensaries are looking for the most effective ways to reach their target audience. While platforms like Weedmaps have traditionally been a go-to for many, recent shifts in their business practices have raised eyebrows. Here’s why dispensaries should consider running their own Google Ads rather than putting all their trust in Weedmaps.

Reassessing Value Amidst Soaring Fees

In certain regions, the monthly fees for Weedmaps have seen a staggering 243% increase, leaping from $495 to a whopping $1,700. For many dispensaries, this spike raises the inevitable question: Are we truly getting value for this fee? While Weedmaps does offer a suite of features ranging from directory listings to software tools, the value proposition at $1,700/month becomes harder to justify. With such a significant investment, dispensaries could allocate these resources towards more direct and efficient marketing strategies, like Google Ads, ensuring a better return on investment. Moreover, with the increasing competition from Weedmaps itself and the dilution of individual brand visibility on the platform, the cost-to-benefit ratio seems to be tilting away from the platform's favor for many dispensaries.

The Changing Landscape of Weedmaps

Once upon a time, Weedmaps was a beacon for both consumers and dispensaries, offering a centralized platform to discover and review cannabis products. However, recent financial strains have led Weedmaps to increase fees for dispensaries. More alarmingly, they’ve begun running Google Ads that directly compete with the dispensaries they're supposed to be supporting.

Why This is Problematic for Dispensaries

Competing Interests

Weedmaps, in essence, is using the funds they receive from dispensaries to overshadow them. When a potential customer searches for a specific dispensary or product, they might be redirected to Weedmaps due to their aggressive ad campaigns, even if the dispensary has a robust SEO strategy.

Decreased Organic Traffic

As Weedmaps' ads gain prominence, they push down organic search results. This means dispensaries that have invested time and resources into SEO are losing potential traffic and sales to Weedmaps.

Dilution of Brand Identity

When consumers are redirected to Weedmaps, they engage with the Weedmaps brand, not the dispensary’s. This can dilute a dispensary's brand identity and value proposition.

The Benefits of Running Your Own Google Ads

Direct Engagement with Consumers

By running your own ads, you ensure that customers engage directly with your brand and website, leading to better brand recognition and loyalty.

Full Control Over Budget and Messaging

Dispensaries can decide how much to spend and can craft messages that resonate with their specific audience, rather than relying on a third-party platform.

Better ROI

Every dollar spent on your own ad campaign will work to promote your dispensary directly, rather than potentially supporting a competitor.

Data Insights

Running your own ads provides valuable data about your audience, which can be used to refine marketing strategies and improve overall business operations.

Are you a dispensary owner looking to get off Weedmaps?

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