Our Mission, Vision, and Values

We provide an all-in-one solution for online ordering,
search engine discoverability, revenue recovery,
and point-of-sale integration for cannabis dispensaries.

We build digital brands and experiences

We are a fully digital agency specializing in creating high-quality
cannabis experiences that speak directly to your customers.


Our goal is to tune in to a user's heuristic and automatic behaviours. Your users already know how to use e-commerce stores, so we built our stores to closely resemble experiences they're familiar with.


We insist on clear communication to ensure we achieve your dispensary goals. Our support is run through Slack to ensure real-time answers to your questions and to ensure tickets are filed instantly.


Rushing into a project without having done the due diligence results in projects that require more work to meet the business goals. Our process has proven to yield strong results and that's why we built this integration.


Every part of the process relies on key component. Excellence in execution is the key to unlocking the customer referral. Excellence brings in more clients for our clients than any other strategy.

We help dispensaries grow, and get discovered.

Our solution was built to help dispensaries get out of competing with each other on price and location and instead helping customers discover dispensaries that carry the products they want. If you have a unique menu or a menu that carries favourites our solution works for you!
Our Services

We understand the work you've put into your brand

Our work isn't just building a website, it's building a second version of your store online. The 'in-store experience' has to be the same physically or virtually.

That's why we're also here to help you build your branding materials! Whether it's coasters, scannable cards, a-frames or anything else you can think of - we can design it for you!

Our Work

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