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    to WooCommerce

    Dabber is the exclusive WordPress and WooCommerce integration for Cova's POS system.

    Deliver individualized product pages with up to date lab results, inventory status, pricing and other valuable decision making product details effortlessly.

    Inventory updates mean dispensary owners never have to touch their site, it’s always updated.

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    Kiosk Mode

    Offer in store kiosks & interactive signage options natively using off the shelf apps.

    WooCommerce Admin App

    Monitor sales, communicate with customers directly and keep an eye on the pulse of multiple locations at once. The Dabber admin app is built to give managers & owners peace of mind, no matter where they are.

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    Anyone working with WooCommerce knows, the real value lies in leveraging the work of others to quickly launch business solutions. Tie into thousands of other business services from Hubspot to Twilio through the WordPress plugin directory or even more integrations through Zapier.

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    Our solution allows you to charge less but make more money! Attract more clients with faster setup times, lower prices, and easy maintenance.

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