Dab Cannabis Post-Switch Review

Value Driven Premium Pricing

We track everything carefully to find out how we stacked up against their current provider, Dutchie.

Numbers don't lie, we tracked everything.

In the end, the answer is no, quite the opposite in fact the numbers were quite revealing.
Marketplace Sales

Negligable sales delivered (3 out of 1000)

Bigger Baskets

Larger average purchases overall

Product Search

Finding us when Googling products

Increased Sales

Instore & online

With 3 active locations and a 4th upcoming, there was some initial hesitation from the Dab Cannabis Store about fully committing to a new platform.

They initially had several concerns:

  1. Would they lose sales
  2. Would people still find the site
  3. Did Dutchie control their audience
  4. Would customers complain about a new interface
  1. Not only did they not lose any sales, but their online sales increased by 13% in the first month and have continued to increase by an average of 8% monthly since their move to our system.  Additionally, basket sizes are on average 9% larger.
  2. Traffic to the site has continued to increase month over month with Google sending more and more of that traffic to product-specific pages, showing that over 40% of their traffic is directly related to specific product searches, reinforcing our thesis that Product SEO is critical for retail success.
  3. Despite sitting at the top of the Dutchie search page for their local area, the new store has not generated any sales through Dutchie in the first 3 months of being live on our platform.  Additionally, only single sales have come from the other 3 stores amounting to a rounding error worth of sales.
  4. Our experience in e-commerce and the maturity of the WooCommerce platform ensured that the customer experience of shopping online is one that is familiar to users, regardless of the site their on. Our checkout process has been highly optimized for conversions and our tight integration with Google Analytics gives our dispensary owners more data than they could have dreamed of in terms of search trends & friction points in their purchase journey. In fact, customer conversion, basket sizes & return visits have all been rising steadily every month since migrating to our system.

Other Fun Facts

Our revenue recovery automation is exceeding $5,000 in monthly income for Dab Cannabis Store.  These are abandoned cart emails & product review requests that initiate new sales.

Many products in their catalog now have higher search ranking than the manufacturers, larger competitive chains & even in some cases, the OSC site itself.