Noiré Dispensary – Maplewood NJ

Crafting Noiré's Comprehensive Digital and Physical Presence

From e-commerce development to in-store designs and strategic online campaigns, we've crafted every touchpoint for Noiré's cannabis journey.

Crafted Noiré's responsive e-commerce site using our Cova-integrated WooCommerce plugin, enhancing the online shopping journey for Maplewood cannabis enthusiasts.


Developed diverse Noiré merchandise, from apparel to custom lighters, tarot cards, and rolling essentials, establishing a unique brand footprint in the cannabis market.

In-Store Assets

Pioneered the creation of the 'THC & TLC' catalog, making Noiré the only dispensary in New Jersey to offer such a publication. We also created informative brochures, ensuring patients receive crucial cannabis insights during their Noiré visit.

Google Ads

Executed highly effective Google Ad campaigns for Noiré, driving substantial traffic to both their online platform and physical store. Our ROI-centric approach has consistently delivered outstanding results, marking Noiré as a dominant presence in the NJ cannabis market.


Constructed a robust SEO strategy for Noiré in anticipation of their grand opening, successfully driving online visibility and contributing to a turnout of over 300 attendees, showcasing the power of digital reach.

Email Marketing

Implemented strategic email campaigns for Noiré, encompassing cart recovery initiatives, post-purchase follow-ups, and win-back strategies, optimizing customer engagement and boosting sales retention.

Crafting a Premier Dispensary Experience from Concept to Grand Opening

The Noiré Success Blueprint

  • 1
    Initial Consultation
    & Vision Mapping

    Our first step was a deep dive into Noiré's mission, goals, and target audience. By understanding the core values of the dispensary, we shaped a tailored strategy that aligned with their vision.

  • 2
    Building the Brand
    Around the Logo

    With the logo as our starting point, we crafted a cohesive brand identity that permeated every touchpoint. This ranged from the design of the website and in-store assets like the unique THC & TLC catalog, to the uniforms and a diverse range of merchandise items.

  • 3
    Digital Integration
    and Outreach

    Once the brand identity was firmly established, we integrated their website with the Cova POS system, ensuring a seamless online shopping experience. Concurrently, we initiated email marketing campaigns, including cart recovery and post-purchase follow-ups, and boosted their online presence with strategic SEO, which played a pivotal role in the grand opening's success.

  • 4
    Launch & Grand Opening Preparation

    Leading up to the grand event, we enhanced the in-store ambiance, equipped staff with branded uniforms, and ensured that all marketing collaterals were ready. With our comprehensive strategy in place, Noiré's grand opening witnessed an overwhelming turnout of over 300 attendees.